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Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of RVLTN Events, and partner in the newly launched CBDepot family of brands. Chris began pursuing his passion for entrepreneurship at an early age, leaving college after a single semester to open his first business.


When The Great Recession claimed his auto brokerage service in 2008, Chris re-entered the workforce. He bounced from job to job for several years, but never stopped manifesting his desire to return to working for himself.


While attending a music festival with friends in early 2011, Chris took an immediate interest in the business of creating experiences. Seeing an undeserved demographic beneath the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas entertainment landscape, Chris founded RVLTN Events with the mission of bringing the summer music festival vibe to Las Vegas locals year round. In six short years, RVLTN has defied all odds and grown into one of the premiere independent dance music promoters on the west coast. In addition to its ever-expanding portfolio of brands, RVLTN will have a hand in nearly 100 events in 2019 alone.


Chris is a strong believer in the power of positivity, and views his career as a testament to the power of manifesting goals and putting in the work to surpass them. He resides in southwest Las Vegas and has two children.

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